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     I am Eric J. Moore, Candidate for Jefferson Parish School Board, District 6. I am an active volunteer in my community and look to continue that service as a member of the school board. I believe in and support a robust public education system; and as a citizen, I depend on its success. Our students should all graduate as competent and contributing members of our community.

     As a member of the Jefferson Parish School Board I will work to:

  •  Put students first in all decisions.

  • Meet the needs of the faculty and staff to provide a safe and healthy learning environment.

  • Ensure the quality of education for ALL students.

  • Provide transparent financial accountability and logical budgeting.

  • Support the Superintendent while maintaining accountability for performance; both recognizing success and correcting deficiencies. 

  • Seek input from constituents and faculty for District 6 Schools. 

  • Create and maintain community partnerships with District 6 Schools.


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